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Breaking News App

Media Measurement’s breaking news smartphone app delivers highly relevant breaking news articles about your company, products and even your competitors, on a daily basis.

Media and market data is important for staff at all levels, not only the PR team. But increasingly, traditional, online and social media delivers an unmanageable torrent of market news. Too much industry communication of questionable value means that accessing and digesting breaking news relevant to your organisation is a slow and painful task.

Media Measurement’s Breaking News App delivers a customised feed of hand-picked, professionally-authored news summaries direct to your smartphone, in a slick, high-impact app.

Our editorial team combines broad coverage with deep insight – we capture the news that is relevant to your organisation’s business goals in punchy, concise, breaking news briefings, as well as finding important industry news stories that might otherwise fly below the radar, so you can get to grips with all of the day’s important news in a matter of minutes.

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Key Features and Functions:
  • Written by professional journalists based on stories identified by professional graduate researchers.
  • A multiplatform app, available on iPhone; Android and Blackberry, which means content can be shared across devices.
  • Based on media content from over 200 countries, in 26 languages.
  • Customised for your unique business needs and for the specific topic interests of individual users.
  • Fully social- users can recommend and share articles amongst their colleagues in any department and even their social networks.
  • Back-end analytics- find out how your colleagues are using the app and which stories are getting the most traction.
Screenshots (the app in action).

To find out more about how our breaking news app can help your business, get an exclusive demo and enquire about pricing, get in contact using the form below and we’ll get one of our team to call you back.