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Our breaking news service via email and smartphone app delivers highly relevant breaking news articles about your company, products and competitors, on a daily basis.

Trying to keep up with news about your brand can be hard enough with the proliferation of media that the digital revolution has created, but expand that challenge to everyone in your industry and it’s a full-time job. We know that because it’s our full-time job for many significant organisations – helping time-poor employees identify the content that’s important to them and summarising the key points into a concise briefing.

Our team of expert researchers have access to innovative tools and technologies to comb through the vast amounts of potentially important noise and aggregate all the relevant news and social content for you, so that you know what’s going on in your industry, and your business, every day.

We capture and summarise these relevant stories in a concise briefing. In addition to your brand and product mentions, we look for important competitor news that might slip right past you. We’ll deliver this to you in an email briefing or branded smartphone app that allows you quickly to access the content that you see as a priority in your role from across the globe.

In no more than ten minutes each day you’ll be fully informed on all the latest developments that might affect your working day. Governments, FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies trust us to tell them what they need to know each day – contact us now to find out what you might have been missing out on.

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