Social Advertising

We combine our experience of data analytics and social advertising to provide a unique services offering that allows you to move advertising from cookie retargeting, or broad demographic targeting, to precise user targeting based on personal posts and interactions across the web.

We help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses in social advertising and generate global insights that drives best practice, efficiency and collaboration.

Our services are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of cross-channel marketers who want to uplift their existing channels (such as email) with display, social and mobile but don’t have the resources in-house to do so. You will be able to:

  • React to trends you see through your social listening activity by advertising directly to those users
  • Identify new customers through precise listening, then serve them compelling messages
  • Increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns by running complimentary social ads to the same customers
  • Create multi-channel campaigns with our strategic guidance without hiring internal resources or trying to navigate internal team structures
  • See every step of the process with our 100% transparent services and run on your own accounts and platforms.

Our services include:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Ads Studio Implementation

We will set-up and train you on all parts of the Advertising Studio and the products that connect to the platform, so that ads can become a central part of your customer marketing mix. 

Connected Ads Execution

Our team will execute the advertising campaigns, targeting audiences created from segmenting your listening and owned customer data, delivering messages to your customers and prospects in a new, connected way.

Email + Advertising Journeys

Our unique service offering for Salesforce Marketing Cloud email customers allows you to get the conversion uplift from combining social ads with email immediately without a long implementation process.

Global Advertising Audit

We will work with your teams to analyse and understand the processes, techniques and objectives across your global campaigns so you can find trends and drive better consistency across the globe

Global Advertising Platform Implementation

We will design and implement a global systems rollout that provides you with the insights and control that every multinational company must make central to their communication plans. By working with our consultants, you will create consistency, governance, reliability and visibility across the globe by implementing a universal approach to data driven advertising.