Horizon Scanning

“Between the dawn of civilisation through 2003 about 5 exabytes of information was created. Now, that much information is created every 2 days.” Eric Schmidt, Former Google CEO.

Information is now created at a pace never seen before, driven by the digital revolution. With so much data available, executives have a difficult time keeping up to date with the latest news and views on their company, the competition and market.

Before they know it, they are overwhelmed by information overload and an important element of business strategy falls prey to other pressures. Valuable insights are lost. Competitive advantages vanish. “Unforeseen” crises emerge.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With your time at a premium, we’ve developed a solution that will keep you, your team and your organisation informed of the latest intelligence.

We provide mission-critical briefings to over 10,000 individuals, 365 days a year. Our ongoing 95% satisfaction score from clients, including governments and Fortune 500 organisations, demonstrates the value they receive from us.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase Team Productivity: Outsource a time intensive, but important, business activity so you can concentrate on actioning decisions based on the opportunities and threats we identify
  • Reduce Costs: Eliminate costly subscriptions to multiple platforms and in-house resources by deploying 1 provider who can pass on economies of scale
  • Be Informed: With only the most relevant news & topics included, you’ll be the expert at knowing what’s being said about your organisation

Key Features:

  • Daily briefing delivered via mobile optimised email at the start of the workday
  • Customised reports based on frequency, languages, sources, distribution, format and more
  • Data sourced from a range of subscription and enterprise platforms covering social media, review sites, news media online and offline and broadcast media

Real-time alerts and ad-hoc crisis support available. See Crisis Management for more information.

Need a daily briefing service for your organisation? Take the first step and email us: enquiry@mediameasurement.com