Our Insight practice has led the business since its establishment more than 25 years ago, helping organisations to understand more about their customers, brand reputation, market and potential influencers. We answer difficult questions by using social media listening and traditional media evaluation techniques to unlock insights that support strategic decision making for Marketing, Communications and Product Development.

Our team of analysts and consultants cut through the noise of today’s media landscape to zone in on the intelligence that will push your Marketing and Communications strategy to the next level. We do this by:

  • Monitoring, analysing and evaluating content from across the globe though our talented team of analysts
  • Giving you a richer understanding of Marketing and Communications performance, spotting opportunities and helping you tackle potential threats
  • Providing a faster and less expensive route to market intelligence than traditional market research methods
  • Implementing focused and accurate reporting on what matters to your business
  • Presenting our findings in easy-to-digest reports and briefings

Our services include:

Market Intelligence

We help you unlock insights from social media data by tapping into millions of conversations about brands, products, markets and topics to deliver intelligence that drives new product development and strengthens Marketing and Communications strategies.

Brand Reputation Tracking

We monitor, measure and evaluate discussions of brands and competitors in social and traditional media (offline and online) for benchmarking, for regular updates and in crisis situations to ensure you never miss an opportunity or a threat to your brand reputation.

Campaign Optimisation

We measure performance against KPIs, analyse content creation and sharing tactics and advise you on best practice to make sure you get the best results from every campaign.

Influencer Discovery

We use social data to locate potential online influencers and provide support for successful and fruitful engagement.

Social Customer Service Performance Benchmarking

We review social customer service performance against competitors and offer best practice advice on how to delight customers.


A personalised solution to information overload – our briefing service delivers only the most relevant news on your company, competitor and industry straight to your inbox as often, or as little, as you need it. Find out more about MediaMemo.