Our expertise with leading Marketing Cloud technologies has seen us successfully work with over 100 organisations. These deployments have helped them realise the value of their technology investment faster and accelerate their social maturity journey.

We support clients across the globe by:

  • Implementing and configuring Marketing Cloud technologies
  • Ensuring organisations know how best to use their selected tools
  • Advising the customer on when to activate, and grow, their tool adoption in a way that fits their business objectives

Our Services Include:

Marketing Cloud Enablement

We work closely with our customers to create a bespoke project and implementation plan for their selected social products that supports them in meeting their objectives and timelines.

Enablement projects can consist of:

  • Project Workshops: Sessions involving key stakeholders to discuss objectives and ensure the correct level of technology is in line with the customer’s maturity journey
  • Configuration of Marketing Cloud social tools: Creating the correct set up to ensure customers can create, publish and analyse the relevant social content and prove social marketing results to the wider business
  • Training and Mentoring: Ensuring users understand how best to use their selected technology and highlighting key benefits and features
  • Quarterly Reviews: Regular follow up’s to review progress around the initial deployment plan and make amends based on a customer’s development

Social Consulting

We advise our customers on best practice and strategy for their social adoption. One of our knowledgeable consultants works closely with them on their social maturity journey and to ensure the right technologies and infrastructure are in place.

Command Centers

These work on either a trial basis or as an accelerated project plan and are designed for customers to gain maximum value and ROI from Command Center technologies. We will consult on common use cases, best practices and tailor the visualisations to meet customer requirements.