Product Innovation

“Innovation is the only way to win.” Steve Jobs

Innovating new solutions and products is a must for any company wanting to grow revenue and market share. But knowing where to start can be difficult. And it doesn’t need to be eye-wateringly expensive.

By tapping into millions of new consumer conversations from global markets, we provide stronger data points than the traditional focus group approach – at a fraction of the cost. The instant nature of the research reduces wait time so brands can implement these insights into their strategies earlier in the cycle.

As a leader in digital research, the Media Measurement team has tapped into millions of conversations and opinion on brands, products, markets and topics that have delivered intelligence on new product development.

Key Benefits:

  • Receive Insights Faster: Reduced waiting time for vital insights compared to traditional insight programmes
  • Acquire Richer Insights: Drive product innovation by uncovering new consumer opinions and thoughts from global markets including the US, Brazil, Russia, Germany, UK and China
  • Trim Costs: Reduce your current spend on less efficient market research methods

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-digest reports with supporting documents
  • Full scoping by consultant to understand requirements
  • Team matched based on expertise, industry knowledge and language/market capability

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