Social Studio: April 2018 Updates

Boy does the year move quickly! We’re already into May and Salesforce have just released their latest updates to Social Studio. This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the updates, but there are some great improvements to the platform in this latest release.


PDF Dashboard Reports: You can now export social analytics and insight reports in a PDF format, either immediately, or via a customised scheduled email notification. Use the dashboards you’ve already set up or create new ones to check out the new export as PDF functionality.

Sharing is Caring: Just like with Analyse dashboards, Analyze reports can now be shared with an entire workspace. You can send out email alerts and mobile notifications to other Social Studio users as and when your report is ready. You can even modify the description of your report to give context to your recipients. Plus, if you’re a super user you can view and manage any reports created in your workspace.

Publish & Engage

Private Replies: The most exciting new feature on Engage is the ability to reply privately (via inbox) to public Facebook posts. If you are responding to a customer service complaint, or any sensitive matter, thane this is a great new feature to utilise.

Direct Instagram Publishing: You can now publish directly to Instagram through Social Studio! This is a huge addition for anyone regularly publishing images, captions and hashtags to Instagram, which can now be done straight from Social Studio desktop or the mobile apps. Just make sure to reauthorise your Instagram account in Social Studio to use this new feature.

Facebook Multi-Photos: Content creators will be pleased to know Social Studio now allows publishing of up to 10 photos of 10MB each in a Facebook post.

Subtitled Videos: It has become increasingly useful to attach subtitles to Facebook video posts and Social Studio has added a SRT file attachment function. This is a great addition for your audience who are hard of hearing, or those who speak different languages. Plus, the subtitles are great for users watching auto-play videos before clicking into, or expanding the video.

Facebook Reactions: You can now see how many laughs your jokes actually receive, whether your latest video has the wow factor, or if people were angered by a controversial photo, as Facebook Reactions data metrics are now visible in the Publish analytics. I give that a big thumbs up!

Mobile Photo & Video: The biggest new feature for Social Studio mobile is the ability to publish photos and videos to Twitter & Facebook from anywhere. Publish photos and videos recorded directly from your mobile device, from your Photo library, or from a cloud location such as iCloud, Dropbox etc.

Failed Post Mobile Notification: This crucial support update adds a push notification to see details of why a post has failed, which is a super helpful addition for anyone managing your social activity via mobile.

Command Center

Control from Anywhere: Command Centers now have remote admin support, meaning you can manage all your Command Centers from a central location, or both desktop and mobile devices. You can view the list of running screens for a specific location, make visualisation and content edits, to showcase insights that matter in real-time. Either edit specific locations or roll out changes to all your Command Center locations.


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